DSC06124 Are You feeling Overwhelmed? Your mind state effects your work, rest and learning? Have you ever considered – why is that?

We all know how important to follow regular exercises to have healthy and strong body. What about our Mind?

To prevent Your Mind going “Wild” you have to Become a MASTER of your Own MIND.

That’s what 4 weeks MASTER YOUR MIND PROGRAM is about.

In the next 4 weeks:

  • You will learn how to master simple yet very profound ancient technique to calm your wild mind and avoid being overwhelmed.
  • You will learn simple technique to “Clear your mind” and get your FOCUS back.
  • You will learn how to reach state of relaxation in stressful environment.
  • You will develop bigger feeling of gratitude toward you and your surrounding.
  • You will create peaceful and balanced environment for yourself and others.
  • You will master Law of attraction.
  • You will become Master of Your Own Mind.


  • Weekly Coaching sessions with your coach Egle Raulickyte 
  • Morning / evening  practise recordings: 5min.recording;  10min.recording; 15min. : recording; 20min.recording
  • Guided meditations recordings: Healing Meditation 12min.recording; Holiday Meditation 12min.recording
  • Your personalised daily 4 weeks Schedule showing exactly what you have to do and when.
  • Support and help all the way during your 4 weeks training.

Live your truth,

Egle R.




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