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Bali retreat March 2017

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Bali retreat March 2017

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My name is Lisa Hibbert from Margaret River in Western Australia.

I met Egle in Busselton and saw her for massage, Chinese medicine and healing sessions. From the first session I felt very comfortable and was very impressed with the wide range of modalities Egle is skilled in.

In October 2016 I went to Bali and spent a week with Egle on my own self healing journey. It was an absolutely incredible experience and a deeply spiritual time.

Egle tailored to my needs and I had body treatments, meditation sessions, juice cleansing, adventures visiting the Holy Spring Waterfalls & much more!

I highly recommend Egle as a facilitator to help create positive change.

Egle is an extremely  passionate woman, gifted , inspiring , laugh out loud funny , compassionate and gives all to everything she does.

I’m so blessed to have had this wonderful experience and look forward to having a yearly retreat in beautiful Bali.

Thank you Egle

Best regards,

Lisa Hibbert

When I first went to see Egle I was stressed with work and life in general. I had seen therapists before but it seemed a short term fix. Within months of treatment with Egle I noticed a difference. All of a sudden I was more upbeat, focused and vibrant. My mindset (through a healthy body) was all together more positive. As well as her physical healing skills, Egle has had a profound effect on my approach to life and the challenges it brings. I’ve never looked back and under Egle’s therapies I’m in a much better place – with both a physical and mental wellbeing. Egle’s approach with me has been to tackle the little problems and make those small changes which have a way of helping you to cope with the bigger obstacles which come your way.

Bobby Aulak, Head of Institutional Administration at New Star Asset Management London, United Kingdom

Thank you soo much Egle, your work is amazing and the healing you do is inspired by something greater than you and me. Thank you ūüôā x

Ranjeeta Mohal

Although I have not known Egle for very long, I find her a superb therapist, who uses various techniques, incorporating her physio skills. The results have been extremely effective and have much increased my mobility. She has a very pleasant and warm personality and is always very encouraging.

In the future I hope to benefit from her skills in exercise and more physiotherapy. She is punctual and hard working. I believe that all her patients would benefit from her treatments.

Sally Wilkins

I found her to be very approachable and friendly. I like the fact that she is willing to give a helping hand. I love her energy. Egle works consistantly at a high standard when it comes to her work as a therapist. I have encountered her work on many occassions, Egle has an intuitive approach to her much love work. This I like due to the fact that there was no need for me to identitfy where my aches and pains were.

Egle was able to tap into the fact that not having to explain in detail. Was something that was really important to me. This shows that her love for her work is something that she respects a great deal.

Angela Tulloch

Egle treated me few times with reflexology after I had had a surgical procedure on my cervix following abnormalities after a routine smear test. At the time, my daughter was 20 months and I was really hoping to heal and reset my cycle so that we could try for another baby.
Egle’s¬†magical healing touch worked and I fell pregnant straight after our sessions and had a healthy baby boy this June!

Huge thank you!

Sarah Hutchinson

Your massage in preparation for my 25km swim the other year was tremendous

Daniel Abel, Fit&Abel Ltd, http://www.fitandabel.com