Get Clarity and Your Self back


Do you FEEL overwhelmed and stuck in life?

Does experiencing anxiety, anger or fear is been a huge part of your life and you feel exhausted by it? Or maybe you struggle with self acceptance, self love and punishing yourself by sabotaging your happiness, relationships and your health.
Do you want to let it all go – have peace and clarity within yourself. So you can create and attract things, in life you really worthy of.

I would to invite you to take time and create the space for yourself – to reconnect, get CLARITY on your needs and how you really want to see yourself.

Learn tools and strategies to apply in a daily life that bring you more joy, balance and peace. Your will learn how to “ calm down” your mind to manage the stress in your life. By creating the internal shift you will start manifesting opportunities, relationships, things you want in life.

Highlights of the workshop:

  • “ Purification ceremony” – Sacred space will be created to “cleanse” and prepare you for the coming activities and opening the healing space for all.
  • Emotional release exercise – we will create the space where you going to allow yourself and others to tap into your current limitations and release that.
  • Present and NEW story of You: create a SHIFT.
  • In this safe space, share and process all experiences and learnings for your positive, longs lasting changes.

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