Everything is connected


Photo from this morning run in Magical Wimbledon Common Park.


Why would people hug trees, dance around them, talk to them or just be.. I feel with all my body and soul all things—seen and unseen—are connected.

All things are different faces of Consciousness – an ocean in motion, a river of eddies, an infinite field of creative works in which the art is the artist, and the artist is the art.

Here’s an ancient story from the East:

     Two monks argue over a flag waving in the wind. One says ‘It’s the flag that is moving.’  And the other says, ‘It’s the wind that is moving.’ So they put the problem to their teacher.
     ‘You are both wrong,’ the teacher says. ‘It’s only consciousness that is moving.’ 

Our essence is not our bodies. We are the energy of consciousness, wearing our bodies like glove puppets, continuously discarding old parts of the puppet and replacing them with new until we withdraw the hands and move on.

That rigid view has lost steam lately. Modern science, looking for the fundamental building blocks of the universe, has made an astonishing discovery. The behaviour and even the existence of atomic particles is somehow dependent on the mind and the intent of the scientist doing the experiment! Yes, you read that correctly. Some scientists are starting to break ranks and say that this is the first scientific sighting of the universal field of consciousness.

Thought—especially passionate thought—is the cutting tool of consciousness. It acts on the great field like a sculptor’s chisel on a rock which contains all possible shapes. The sculptures move around, and shift in and out of existence according to the rhythms of thought. Scientists say energy can be neither created nor destroyed, it can only change its form. But when they recognize the universal consciousness, they will rewrite that law like this: consciousness can be neither created nor destroyed, it can only change the form of its expression.


Let’s get use to idea of it – this is reality – we all connected and our actions and thoughts has ripple effect to all around us and beyond maybe we can’t see with our eyes, but we can feel.

We Feel everything just some times choose to ignore it.

Acknowledge it, Embody it, Live it.