Are you ready for summer time ?

summer33There is nothing more marvelous then the onset of summer. Everything around us seemingly comes alive; nature in all its vivid brilliance casts that dreamy, hazy spell that sets the tone of vibrancy in our hearts. The absence of a dull, frighteningly cold winter is long forgotten as the beach beckons and dreams of setting sail across foreign seas begin to set our hearts a flutter, true summer ambition has arrived. For those too busy to slip away during the much anticipated summer months all is not in vain, The City comes alive and happiness is easier to come by! The sun has the most extraordinary ability to change the moods of people with even the most sullen of dispositions, the parks a sea of people basking in the glory of the sun, soaking up that vital vitamin d all too aware of summers fleeting nature.
With all this in mind, it is hard to imagine so many of us feeling somewhat self-conscious with the idea of summer just around the corner. Body awareness and image appears at the forefront of our minds, gone are the days of layering up for those chilly days that seemed to drag on forever,  yet the idea of stripping off those very layers presents many people with the harsh reality of facing up to some insecurities. Beyond craving that perfect, ‘Beach Body’ physique, it is important to understand how relevant pursuing a healthy lifestyle can be and understanding the key difference between lifestyle and getting that ‘quick fix’.

Having a regular exercise regime not only helps create a sense of equilibrium and balance throughout the body and mind, it prepares you for those occasions like jetting off on a beach holiday or simply having the confidence to wear your favorite pair of shorts when it heats up! Adopting a healthy lifestyle allows you to be prepared at all times, mentally, physically and emotionally. Cultivating a healthy body awareness and mind-set is fundamental, many people have fallen into those ‘quick fix’ traps, fad diets and slimming pills the list goes on. Not only are these temporary fixes incredibly detrimental to your overall health they only land you in a more desperate state of mind when the realisation that there is no such thing as a magic pill dawns on you.
There are natural ways to improve your health with immediate effect. Adopting a cleaner diet is a wonderful way of uplifting your spirit, a juice cleanse when done correctly is a great way of aiding digestion and shifting out those unwanted toxins and can give you that natural glow from the inside out, paraben free! Cutting out processed food, easing off on the alcohol consumption and quitting smoking are all positive changes to execute in the pursuit of health. Of course natural treatments to aid in weight loss alongside a healthy lifestyle include my Orange Blossom Contour Wrap and products which are so fitting for those wanting to look and feel good before jetting off on that much awaited summer holiday. Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at the benefits of having these treatments ;).

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For optimum weight loss results it is imperative that we pursue a healthy lifestyle, weight issues 1395892_10152333925399046_2125211445_ncan be a real struggle for many people, reaching a level that causes serious health risks. In these cases it is so important to explore healthy alternatives; the need for adopting a healthy mind-set is detrimental to the overall well-being of an individual. Use the sun as a great motivator, look beyond the realms of body image and search for health.  The ideal ‘you’ will immerge through a healthy mentality toward food, exercise, yourself and life and you will find that there is no need to dwell over the issues you felt so strongly about beforehand. A new, healthy, perspective will be cultivated and pave the way forth for a happier you and you will be free to enjoy the sun inhibition free! 😉