Simple ways to feel happy everyday :)

Let’s face it, many of us have a bad habit of prioritizing everyone and everything else above ourselves. We often believe we are being our best when we invest our time and energy in others.smile
It’s been proven that the happiest people in the world are better at balancing pleasure and purpose. Those who report consistent and regular happiness in their lives know the difference between fulfilling their responsibilities to others, and allowing themselves time for enjoyment.
The message is clear – in order to be our best selves, we have to focus on our selves and be good to ourselves.

I have couple suggestions you can practice everyday to feel happy everyday! So here it is:

  • Look after your body. This is not just about looking good, but about making time for yourself and having an appointment where you are the person receiving the energy and nurturing from someone else. Whatever it is you do, make sure it’s something that will make you feel pampered and looked after!
    Have a healthy meal cook for yourself !
    Maybe take bath after long day with glass of red or simply book yourself a body treatment with therapist you love! 😉
  • Stay committed to your workout routine. If you consider your daily exercise an unbreakable appointment, the same way you would think of a court date, or a doctor’s visit, you are more likely to make the effort to keep that appointment. Find a time when you are regularly able to work out, and don’t let yourself give up that time unless it’s a true emergency.
  • Wear something nice every day. Make yourself feel good about you. 🙂 yes not the easiest thing. Shopping therapy some times works , but just for the short time only.  You may not need a new clothes  to feel good, and that’s alright. The message isn’t necessarily about things what makes us feel good, but more about making the effort, each and every day, to make yourself feel great, whatever that means for you. Wear your SMILE everyday with out any reason, that would be the choice :).
  • Have a “just for you” time, each day. Why it is important to have some time for yourself? We are always busy with work, socializing with friends, looking after our family – you name it… All of this require energy, but how you recharge your batteries?  We have to detach from all the world and just focus on ourselves to recharge and process all what happened during the day. Best is go and spend some time in the nature, walk in the park, even look trough the window and listen to your favorite song. What ever is you do what makes you feel relaxed and peaceful – do it everyday and more often – better.
  • Say NO whenever you need to. This is a counter-intuitive act for many of us, because we often feel ordained to care for others. The truth is, when we over commit ourselves, we leave little to no room for our own needs. We must be honest about what we can and can’t do for others, and learn to say no when our to-do lists are already too full.There are countless other ways that we can invest in ourselves, and make our lives, and our fitness goals a priority. Once we recognize the deficit, it’s up to us to replenish ourselves by actively choosing to make ourselves feel valued, important and worthy.

Remember, if we don’t value ourselves, others won’t either.