Sunday’s community clinic, London, UK

Every Sunday from 3pm – 5pm. At the Vitality Centre, 155-159 Merton Road, SW18 5EQ (£5 donation for needles )

I am sure every one of us ones in a while comes with question – what is my purpose in life, why I am here ?.. Is is not easy questions, but the answers shouldn’t be complicated. One good friend of mine and bright person shared with me one thought: “people complicate simplicity” and it is true.

So, let’s keep it simple especially when it come connecting with people and helping each other. Do we really need to have big reason why we have to help each other or do we really need to have expectation to get something back straight away or just simply help and move forward with our life’s.


I can share from my experience only as far I am aware I was always driven by my inner calling to help and with no other intention to benefit and yet people I faced in my life journey try to question my intentions and dig some other things which is not my and it’s not my questions is their and they have to find the answers for them selves. I read somewhere in the book that:”…we all have question which will never been answered…”

But stay positive, there is a law we can’t brake – what goes out – comes back!

Why I have created community clinic – to help people and learn more. I often hearing same excuses over and over again: “I don’t have time and money” in order overcome these circumstances I wanted to create Time for YOU so you could find few hours in your busy week for YOURSELF no one else,to reconnect with yourself, rest, relax, heal. As facilitator of that space I am grateful to beautiful Vitality center, supporting me on this little selfless project.

What can you expect in our community clinic: to receive therapy session from me or other healer who can also be part of it.

And at the moment I am offering facial acupuncture sessions and healing meditation in the end of it.

Facial Acupunture

If you wonder what facial acupuncture is I am happy to share with you phylosophy behind.

Facial acupuncture has been used as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Eastern countries for thousands of years, to restore, promote and maintain good health. According to Chinese phylosophy, our health and vitality is decent upon the body’s motivating energy, which is called Qi, moving in a smooth and balanced way along series of channels called meridians. Many of these meridians either being or end on the face. The state of  our lifestyle and health often reflected In the face.

We know that our focus and intention is two important elements in achieving things we want and my intention is that these two elements would arise in the healing process where each participants comes with intention and focus to work on themselves. From the firsts times maybe its not easy as we spend most of our time focusing to outside world, but with more sessions we get into our natural flow, that’s why I wish that people would come back and keep up their work on them selves and take this to everyday life.

If even with this small project I can bring good to people lives, I know and perfectly understand if I will keep my intentions pure and selfless, universe will keep me with resourceful.

With love and passion