Healing Humanty, Bali – being a Hero or Hope ?..

Despite its glamorous status as one of the world’s favorite tourist destinations, thousands of Bali residents live in extreme poverty.

How many people come to Bali to explore island, to know the culture, relax, have fun, change environment, discover health, you name it. However after they leave and that’s the end of it, one more tick on map and one more achievement and pictures on Facebook…great!

What if part of your trip you would have chance at least one day instead going to the beach you would spend with local people just helping them on their daily routine, do you think you would take more from your trip back home?

Maybe you would understand better the culture, maybe you would discover some secrets about island or traditions or maybe you would make good friends here…

Many ways our ignorance can blind us from really see what is happening in the world.
It is very good to enjoy and have nice time – we all deserve that, but also there times we have to open our eyes and give back with out any expectations and open heart.

Learn to connect, understand, listen, share, explore, HELP each other…

As we know that health is important, how ever many Bali people can’t afford to see doctor for treatments or get medicines, but also some of them they do not have time, because they trapped with no other option just HOPE.

1 year ago Dr.John Ratcliffe come to Bali to do volunteering work at local hospital helping people with their health problems using Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic and Psychology he not only helped but cured most of them.

Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 8.49.19 AM

Could not resist that opportunity and join him not only to learn from master, but also contribute my knowledge and expertise to people who needs that.

During this year I realise that for most people we are last chance – to get better or maybe event to survive.
It’s like being a HERO to those who still have HOPE…

Being qualified Physiotherapist I noticed that most of the many Balinese don’t have basic knowledge about they body (anatomy and physiology). Unfortunately good education cost as well.

food before healingLocal people do not have money to pay for treatments, instead of money they pay us back with their hospitality and amazing traditional meals which is the  biggest reward we could expect from them.
After lunch – dinning area becomes “clinic”.

Healing Humanity, Bali 1

Time spend with these people priceless –  in the end of the day each of us like to be appreciated and loved, accepted and acknowledged – no money can buy that.

Caring attention and unconditional love create space for real healing to happen.

team- all about intention and good energy

Special thank you Dr.John for ongoing teachings and life changing experiences

If you want to know more about Healing Humanity project and some how you feel that you like to be part of it, all you need to do just start contribute your skills to help people and share your inspiration and experience! You also can join us on our Facebook page .

Healing Humanity