LOW CARB revolution: 5 DAY Weight Loss Bootcamp, Bali, Ubud

When it comes to eating healthy, it is no surprise that people get confused.

Every women’s magazine, has included something about dieting. TV, radio and print often give conflicting and confusing advice when it comes to this. Some times is reducing calories, others times it’s low-fat or only eating at certain  times or grazing. Then it’s the Israeli Army diet, then it’s the soup diet, then it’s Pritikin, then it’s the raw food diet! So probably the LAST thing the world need now is ANOTHER diet.


LOW CARB is certainly a revolution !!!

Lorraine share about her experience:

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For the FIRST time ever in Bali, we are offering a five day Weight Loss Bootcamp to introduce people to Low Carb cuisine and equip people with very easy way to lose weight and look after your health.

Our goal is to teach the techniques of using a low carb diet for health and the experience of losing weight with food. Included will be a range of alternative therapies to help the process of achieving great results.

The course will be held n beautiful Bali, Ubud at Bambu Indah eco hotel starting on evening of the 4th of May and finishing on the morning of the 10th.

Great news – it’s about food; eating yummy meals, learning and preparing new recipes. The whole process will be easy and enjoyable and one can expect to walk away 2-3kg lighter at the end of it, but not only that you will have a penetrating understanding of what to eat and when to eat it.

Our promise to you is:

  • A memorable experience being coached by a renowned expert on low carb.
  • Deep insight into food.
  • Valuable knowledge of how to control weight and stay healthy.
  • Plenty of laughs and fun along the way.

This experience will help you in many ways and quite possibly create a new direction  in your health and lifestyle for the future.

See what other people share about their success:

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low carb diet made easy

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