The Power of Contribution

Contribution the human need can be defined as doing something for someone else that has a positive impact in their life.

Typically this is what service is, doing an activity for the joy of serving. The reason the why this brings the experience of true happiness (which is once again nothing more that an experience of the life energy) is because it takes the focus off the needs of the personality structure (which are based on the need to avoid pain and gain pleasure) and focuses attention beyond oneself. This allows the energy that is always there to once again begin to flow because it is not being held down and suppressed by the personality/egoic structure. However it is very hard to get to this level if a persons values the other human needs before contribution.
Again paradoxically the easiest way to fulfill all the human needs in a positive way is to focus on the needs of the spirit first.

By valuing these needs the highest you will experience love because you will be in a state of love ( life force) which will elicit the experience of love for others. There will be great variety as this is what is required of growth and you will feel significant because you are contributing, having a positive influence on those around you.

Picture of The Power of Touch contributing Healing Therapy to Fundraiser event on 26/08/2012 for “Schools4Change”


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