About Egle

Egle Raulickyte


My background comes from growing up in little town of Lithuania – Alytus, the most beautiful region of the country, where rivers and forest surround home land. I have to say thanks to my dear father and hies commitment to raise hies children close to nature. Partly because is that I have developed very clear sense of what is my purpose in life.

I embarked on the journey to embrace my natural ability to help others and developed different skills which I use every day running my private practises in England, Lithuania and Bali.

I truly can say that my life has been ongoing research and practise to look for most effective ways to help people in the most profound way possible. I believe in united approach to personal development: combining physical, mental & spiritual growth to become the best that you can be.

Understanding effect of environment to our evolution, I realised how important is to take people out of their “comfort zone” and maybe stressful environment in order to make positive: Physical, Mental, Spiritual change.

Today my healing comes trough creating fun, adventurous and healing experiences in magical spaces such Bali and Lithuania, that every one would be able not only to “switch off” and surrender for experiences, also gain profound learnings trough it and remember how to listen to their body, reconnect with their spirit and open their heart for a long lasting changes.

Life your truth!

Egle R.

P.s.If you suffer physically or emotionally and you need healing environment and professional advise feel free drop me a line to poweroftouch.info@gmail.com and I will get back to you asap.


2 thoughts on “About Egle”

  1. I live in Bali 20 years I organize retreats with supper food diet.
    I do supply amazing natural healers on board.

    If interested,
    Let me know!!
    I love Bali and the people amazing connection!!


  2. Hey Sandra amazing to hear from you :)! One of my vision and my plans at the moment I am working towards it’s to organize retreat in Bali and bring people from Europe. I have lived in Bali 1,5 year and really think there lots opportunities, do you have site or examples of your retreats ? Namasate

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