About Egle


cropped-dsc06124.jpgHOLISTIC HEALER

Combining physical, mental & spiritual guidance, my work is to create safe space for you to come back to harmony / balance of all aspects of you (mind, body and soul).

My background comes from growing up in little town of Lithuania – Alytus, the most beautiful region of the country, where rivers and forest surround home land. I have to say thanks to my father and hies commitment to raise hies children close to nature. Partly because is that I have developed very clear sense of what is my purpose in life. Nature always was my best teacher an still is.

I embarked on the journey to embrace my natural ability to help others and developed different skills which I use every day running my private practises in Lithuania & Bali, Indonesia.

I truly can say that my life has been ongoing research and practise to look for most effective ways to help people in the most profound way possible.

2 thoughts on “About Egle”

  1. I live in Bali 20 years I organize retreats with supper food diet.
    I do supply amazing natural healers on board.

    If interested,
    Let me know!!
    I love Bali and the people amazing connection!!


  2. Hey Sandra amazing to hear from you :)! One of my vision and my plans at the moment I am working towards it’s to organize retreat in Bali and bring people from Europe. I have lived in Bali 1,5 year and really think there lots opportunities, do you have site or examples of your retreats ? Namasate

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